Before Yoshiki Kishinuma and his friends arrived at the abandoned schoolhouse, there were the Hasegawa sisters.
The older sister, Kaori, couldn't save her younger sister, Shiho, and she escaped as the sole survivor.
Kaori then pledged to never forget about her beloved sister. However, Kaori couldn't tolerate those who had already forgotten about Shiho,
and when she attempted to tell them about her death, no one believed her...

This product is a derivative work based on CORPSE-PARTY ZERO for RPG Maker XP by Noraenu, CORPSE-PARTY for the NEC PC-9801 by KENIX SOFT, and CORPSE-PARTY if for RPG Maker 2000 by AMISOGUMI. Please make sure you play all three games that this fan game is based off of before you play CORPSE-PARTY -Cross Fear-.

AMISOGUMI, a group created by members ASO and MISO, first created a fan game called CORPSE-PARTY if only 6 months after the release of Corpse Party BloodCovered ...Repeated Fear for the PlayStation Portable on February 2011. It was not long before they immediately went to work with CORPSE-PARTY -Cross Fear- the following month on March 15th, 2011. Instead of focusing on what happened to the survivors from the original CORPSE-PARTY, this fan game now tells us the aftermath of one student who lived through a horrifying nightmare in CORPSE-PARTY ZERO. CORPSE-PARTY -Cross Fear- is set 5 years after the events of ENDING RANK: A in CORPSE-PARTY ZERO. Kaori Hasegawa wound up being admitted into a psychiatric hospital for outrageous claims that her sister, Shiho, was murdered by the evil spirits that haunt the abandoned schoolhouse.

The American fan translation group, Memories of Fear, translated this game and released it on October 27th, 2013.


Abandoned School Horror Adventure.
Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
Three endings. One Bad Ending, one Normal Ending, and one Best Ending.
This game contains content that may be sensitive to some players which includes:
Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes, and Violence.
SPOILERS: Abuse, Discrimination, and Mentions of Suicide.

Latest version: Version 2.0e (10/27/13)
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Age: 23 years old.

5 years ago, Kaori was trapped in the cursed, abandoned schoolhouse after telling a ghost story. Though she was able to escape, her beloved younger sister was killed by the evil spirits that haunted the school. No one believed her when she told them the truth about her sister's fate; instead, she was forced into a psychiatric hospital.

Age: 12 years old.

Seita is a victim of child abuse committed by his parents. The authorities deemed it necessary for him to recuperate at the same mental facility as Kaori. While he was born with a timid personality, the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents made him grow fearful of everything. Although they are unrelated, the warmth and affection he receives from Kaori has made him gradually open up to where he calls her "Kaori-sis."

Age: 31 years old.

Dr. Amagasaki is a psychiatrist who works in the hospital where Kaori is held. Due to his strong work ethic, his peers hold him in the highest esteem. Yet, that is just his outside appearance. Behind the scenes, he enjoys disturbing and threatening his patients; revels in it, even. He is also a realist at his core and does not take Kaori's story seriously.

Age: 17 years old.

A student of Kisaragi Academy Senior High's classroom 2-2. How Sayako came to be in the cursed schoolhouse is a complete mystery. She is the popular vice president of the kendo club at her school due to her energetic and carefree personality. However, Sayako is beginning to realize that something is amiss within this abandoned schoolhouse, but she can't quite place her finger on it...