What secrets are hidden deep within the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners is a horror RPG set in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt in the year 1998. Archaeologist Tetsuya Tsuchida and Dr. Koji Kuroe realize a huge set of ruins underneath the Great Pyramid only to discover it is laid with booby traps. Not wanting to let this stop them from uncovering the secrets behind the pyramid, Professor Tsuchida sought out the help of eight tourists and their tour guide for one hell of a sightseeing tour they'll never forget. This game was made by the 21 year old Makoto Serise, the pen name of Makoto Yaotani, using RPG Tkool Dante 98 II, while the music was composed by Kei Mizuho. It was released on May 31st, 1998.

In August 1998, Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners won the Platinum Award in the monthly contest, The Internet Contest Park, held by the Japanese group ASCII. It netted the two man team 150 thousand yen (~$1,040 USD). It is the only game in the existence of the contest to receive the Platinum Award. Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners also ranked fourth in ASCII's Top 10 Popular Works in 1998, and ninth in the poll for the Most Popular Works of All Time (which is comprised of various games made in ASCII's RPG Tkool engine). It also won the Third Annual ASCII ENTERTAINMENT competition under the "ASCII Tkool Product" category, netting them 1 million yen (~$8,190 USD). This game had also been covered in various Japanese gaming magazines.

The American fan translation group, "Memories of Fear," translated this game and released it on September 26th, 2014.


Horror RPG.
Approximately 2 to 3 hours.
One ending with multiple variations depending on survivors.
This game contains content that may be sensitive to some players which includes:
Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Sexual Violence, and Violence.

SPOILERS: Self-Harm and Suicide.

Latest version:
Version 1.0e (09/26/14)
If you need help transferring your saves from an older version to the latest version, please read this guide.



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Occupation: High School Graduate.
Age: 18 years old.
Height: 5' 6".

Ayuto is the protagonist of this game who is an overall good guy and can be a bit passive. He is the one who sees everything objectively and possesses a personal strength to see difficult situations through to the end. He holds no prejudices and does not discriminate. He is a highly empathetic person who can put himself in other people's shoes to understand their feelings.

Occupation: High School Student.
Age: 16 years old.
Height: 5' 3".

Saori has an intense distrust of people that has evolved into ceaseless aggression. Her pessimism has developed past merely enjoying others' suffering to the point that she has taken to the idea of harming herself.

Occupation: High School Graduate.
Age: 18 years old.
Height: 5' 8".

Kyosuke is a boy who would rather act first, and think later; he prefers the simple approach to things. Due to his sloppy methods and straightforward nature in both speech and mannerisms, he can be frequently misunderstood.

Occupation: Tour Guide.
Age: 26 years old.
Height: 5' 6".

Otogi is a trustworthy and selfless woman. She possesses the natural qualities of a leader; she is highly motivated and is willing to do what needs to be done. However, just as quickly as she tries to put forth her own priorities, they are also just as quickly cut down.

Occupation: High School Graduate.
Age: 18 years old.
Height: 5' 2".

Nei is the heroine of this game who seems to harbor some feelings for Ayuto. She has an optimistic and blunt personality and is the type of person who will often stick her nose in other people's business.

Occupation: Photojournalist.
Age: 29 years old.
Height: 5' 11".

Mizumi is a man who watches the world from afar. He sees everything that society has to offer without getting himself personally involved. This has allowed him to not hold a bias and keep a cool head during stressful situations. However, the only thing he cares about is himself and satisfying his own appetite.

Occupation: High School Graduate.
Age: 18 years old.
Height: 5' 4".

Yoko is a docile, tender, and fragile girl who possesses little strength. Her timid nature and the fact that she bears no hostility against anyone has made any would-be aggressors instantly drop any animosity toward her. This is her only means of self-defense.

Occupation: Doctor.
Age: 25 years old.
Height: 5' 8".

Dr. Kuroe is a man obsessed with self-advancement. He is never satisfied with his life, thus leaving him always wanting more. Though a kind and considerate gentleman, he can lose sight of the bigger picture in his pursuit of personal success.

Occupation: Elementary School Student.
Age: 9 years old.
Height: 4' 4".

A bright, but selfish young girl is the face Rin puts on for others, yet deep inside, she feels lonely and craves attention. This is the reason she lies so excessively.

Occupation: University Professor and Archaeologist.
Age: 62 years old.
Height: 5' 5".

Professor Tsuchida is an old man with a deep desire for prestige; in the world of scholars, he has an impeccable reputation. Never losing sight of his goals, this man is moved by purpose. He holds abounding knowledge and is bold and full of energy, despite his age and countless achievements.

Occupation: College Student.
Age: 22 years old.
Height: 5' 5".

Mitsuru is a guy who sets his own pace, unwilling to do anything except for constantly taking nap breaks. Unmotivated and apathetic, this guy leaves a bad impression on others with his self-important nature.